Eastern Dental Management



Eastern Dental Management has built an industry-leading network of dentists and dental professionals dedicated to exceptional care, outcomes and patient satisfaction.

We provide local dentists with extensive operational support so they can focus entirely on treating patients, strengthening their own clinical excellence and furthering the field of dentistry.

A practice partnered with Eastern Dental Management means that your local dental practice is supported by a team of experts. This support allows your dental professionals to concentrate 100% of their time on providing exceptional care to every patient. It’s not just about pretty smiles – it’s about good oral health.

At Eastern Dental, fulfilling all of your dental needs is our top priority. For over 30 years, we have been providing families with full-service dental care. From children to seniors, our skilled team of dentists and specialists provide the highest level of dental care to ensure healthy and happy smiles. With multiple specialties, multiple payment options and the ability to treat your entire family, Eastern Dental is the dentist that gives you more.