Chipped Teeth

Enamel, the outer part of a tooth, is one the strongest parts of the human body, but its strength has limits. A hit, fall, or biting down on something hard, especially if your tooth has been weakened by decay, can cause a tooth to chip. Afterward, your tooth may have a sharp or jagged edge or look like it’s on a slanted angle, but don’t panic. Your dentist has many options to repair the chip and can usually fix it in just one visit. But if you leave the tooth chipped, it could lead to an infection and additional complications. For help finding a local dental professional, search for a dentist near you.

Common Symptoms Of A Chipped Tooth

Unhealthy or weak teeth are more likely to chip than healthy teeth. Cavities and gum disease can contribute to weak teeth. If you have any of the following you may have a chipped tooth:

The best way to determine if you have a chipped tooth is by making an appointment with your dentist. They can then review your symptoms, make an accurate diagnosis and give you their recommended treatment plan.

Common Causes Of A Chipped Tooth

There are several ways you can chip a tooth including:

  • Sports injury
  • Car accident
  • Falling
  • Tooth grinding
  • Biting on hard foods
  • Older age
  • Loss of back teeth 

If your tooth is chipped, see your dentist as soon as possible. There are several ways to fix a chipped tooth. The best course of action will depend on the severity and location of the chip. Options to fix the tooth include but are not limited to bonding, veneers, and inlays/onlays.

How To Prevent Chipping A Tooth

Practicing a healthy oral care routine will keep your teeth strong and durable, which will help keep your teeth from chipping. These tips will also help protect your teeth against chipping:

  • Brush two times a day for two minutes and floss once a day. 
  • Avoid biting down into hard foods such as candy or ice.
  • Be sure to wear a mouthguard when playing sports. 

Who Treats A Chipped Tooth?

A general dentist can diagnose and treat a chipped tooth. It is important to fix a chipped tooth to prevent infection and further damage, including losing the tooth. To find a dental office near you, visit our locations page.