Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars and usually grow in between the ages of 17-25. Wisdom teeth, when healthy and properly aligned, can be a valuable asset but they are frequently misaligned and require removal. Wisdom teeth often try to push their way into a spot even though there is no room in the mouth. Wisdom teeth can grow sideways, putting pressure on the other teeth and causing pain. Wisdom teeth can damage nearby teeth and even cause cysts to form. 

Common Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed

You may need to have your wisdom teeth removed even if they aren’t actively causing problems. But if you have any of the following symptoms you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed sooner rather than later:

The best way to determine if your wisdom teeth need to be removed is by making an appointment with your dentist. They can then review your symptoms, make an accurate diagnosis and give you their recommended treatment plan.

Even if your wisdom teeth aren’t a problem now, they could be in the future. Because of their location, they are hard to clean, and may be vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease. Wisdom teeth that are not removed need to be monitored over time.

Who Removes Wisdom Teeth?

If you are experiencing pain or suspect your wisdom teeth may need to be removed, make an appointment with one of our general dentists, who may refer you to an oral surgeon. To find a dental office near you, visit our locations page.