Dental Restorations

Dental restoration refers to the various treatment options dentists have to replace and repair teeth. Teeth may need to be repaired or replaced due to decay or oral trauma. Examples of restorations include:

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Common Reasons for Dental Restoration

You may notice a tooth is deteriorating or you may have a missing tooth. These are indicators that you will need one form or another of dental restoration. If you have any of the following, contact your dentist today to see what treatment is best for you:

Contributing Factors to Needing Dental Restoration

Many factors may contribute to tooth loss or deterioration. Poor oral hygiene and oral trauma are the most common causes. Poor oral hygiene can cause cavities, infection, and gum disease, which can lead to needing dental restoration. 

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for a dental restoration is by making an appointment with your dentist. They can then review your symptoms, make an accurate diagnosis and give you their recommended treatment plan. 

How to Prevent Needing Dental Restoration

To prevent needing dental restoration exercise a healthy oral health care routine; brush two times a day and floss once a day to prevent tooth decay. Regularly scheduled professional teeth cleanings are also essential to great oral health. Regular teeth cleanings remove plaque buildup and examine the state of your oral health, which fights against cavities and gum disease.

Wear a mouthguard when playing sports to prevent cracked, chipped or knocked out teeth. This will help keep your smile healthy and strong.

Who Performs Dental Restorations?

If you think you may need a dental restoration, you should make an appointment with your dentist. Many restoration options are commonly performed procedures that can help prevent more serious problems. If you have any questions, ask your dentist which option is best for you.

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